Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sickness be gone

Last Tuesday I had an episode of heat exhaustion and ended up passing out as well as some other things. Due to this I ended up in ER getting fluids. I was actually told not to do any exercise for a few days and ended up taking about 5 days off. This actually was the second time in a week I had passed out. I am so blessed with people that have been checking on me to make sure I get my water in, I am actually eating, taking it easy, and making sure I get the medical attention I need. I still managed to lose some weight that week. I weigh in on Saturdays and I have not did my weigh in today so I am really curious on what the scales will say today. I have been terrible with the food I have put in my body this week. I haven't gotten back into a rigid exercise plan. I have walked a few times this week I am not back to what I was at but I am out there.
The school year is in full swing and we have a full schedule but we will find the balance needed. I am coaching junior high volleyball, Jared is playing football, as well as Jalen, and Maddy is cheering. I will see alot of bleacher time this fall!!!
This week goals:
Dream Big
Work Hard
Keep Focused
Surround myself with Positive people