Thursday, July 21, 2016

Crazy Week!!

I wish I could say this week has been smooth sailing...... It hasn't been at all!!! Sunday evening Shane and I went to walk at Memorial Park and I didn't even get a mile in and I started coughing uncontrollably. I just couldn't do anymore.... I am not sure what triggered it but it is 4H fair week and lots of animals are there but there is also an Algae bloom going on. I was so excited to change things up but it didn't do much good. On Monday I had a crazy day at work, my kids were not in a hurry to get anywhere and I had decided I would go to the Hog Show but I wanted to walk before the show. I had to wait on Maddy to do her thing and then I wasn't able to walk long and didn't even get a mile in. I have done better the last two nights 3 miles Tuesday and 4 miles Wednesday. Goal tonight is 6 miles. But with the humidity I am not making any promises.
My food intake has been crazy and I need to work on it hardcore. I have a food addiction and like any addictions it is so hard to overcome. It is a true strong hold and I am working so hard on it but at times I do have to really work hard at overcoming it and I have set backs a lot. Water has also been terrible to get in this week and of all weeks to not slack on this week is that week. But today I have already met my goal.
When you are doing a life change a lot changes in your life. I have been working on loving myself. This is so hard for me and I just wish I could break through this. Some know my story and my story is a tough one. I have seen a lot in my 34 years on this Earth. Especially my teen years. I was in a really bad relationship that still has strong holds on me at times. I have flash backs of how I was treated by this person. I had my life goals set and they didn't pan out. I was told how worthless and terrible I was everyday as well as other things. Life was tough and I believe this is what started the whole letting myself go... Now here I am 18 years later and I am finally picking up the pieces and loving myself.
Don't get me wrong I have had amazing moments since that time. I have been blessed with a great husband and kids. I just held onto this terrible mindset that I shouldn't. I am just now realizing this isn't where I want to be forever!!! I am trying to be more positive with everything around me. I am living to be happy. I will do things that make me happy. I got this!!
I just want to give a shout out to the ones that meet me at the park to walk with me. They rock and I am blessed to have them cheering me on. The ones that email me to encourage me I need you too!! The text messages to make sure I am doing what I need to do, you know me and know I can't slack!!! The Facebook group that I belong to, You guys encourage me with your journey!!! To the ones that encourage me to step outside the box try new things, I need you!!! To the ones that honk, wave, stop and chat as we are walking you keep me going!!!! To the ones that post on my Facebook status' I need you too!!! To the ones that have stopped me in public and said I see what you are doing!! I need you!!! I am blessed beyond measure!!!!
Goals for the rest of the week:
Water, Water, Water
Walking as much as possible later in the evening
Start Y membership

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