Monday, July 11, 2016


Last night I went to bed with my goals for the week set!! I woke up this morning determined to make it a great day no matter what was thrown my way!! That is what my day has been!! 
My goals this week is to exercise at least an hour every day, water goal met every day, log everything into Spark people, and lastly I am going to run at least 3 times this week. I have no set length on how far I am going to run. I mean its been 17 years ago, 100 lbs more, and 3 kids later that I actually really ran. So if I run 10 feet I am going to run that 10 feet with pride!!! So if you drive tomorrow by Baker Park and see me running don't laugh!!! I am so grateful that I have people that walk with me every night!! I have so many people cheering me on either in person, in prayer, on facebook, or through texts or calls!!! I am beyond blessed!!! My food intake was ok today but it will get where it needs to be!!! I did get my exercise goal in and even walked 5 miles tonight, water goal was met, and everything logged into Sparkpeople!!! Now I am ready for bed and ready for a great day tomorrow!!!!

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