Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Reaching goals!

Sooo one of my goals this week was to run at least 3 times!! Well last night I did just that. Every mile I walked Windi and I would run a little path but we added to that path by 3 feet each time!!! It may not be much to some but its a lot to me!!! I am so proud of myself for this huge step in my fitness journey!!! So today I was worried about the weather not being so great tonight to walk so I decided 3:00pm would be a great time to walk instead. So I walked in 90 degree weather and humidity from I have no clue where but when we got to the little path the first time around we ran. I thought I was gonna die after we finished but I am still alive to write about it. It has cooled off a lot but I still don't want to risk anymore weather threats. So tonight I will jump on the bike in the family room and get the rest of my exercise in. Goal is an hour a day!!! I also am going to work through some yoga as well. Its halfway through the week and I am feeling very confident in how everything is going.
Last night I had a horrible time sleeping because the dogs were up and down barking all night! So around 3:00am I check my Facebook because what else do I have to do at 3am?!? My cousin sent me a message saying I was inspiring her to do better!! This made me feel 100% better about why I am doing this! I want people around me see the change not only in my physical appearance but my mental health and how I feel about who I am as a person. Since probably 14 or 15 I had always been negative with who I was.  I made some not so good choices and still deal with peoples negativity because of it. But those opinions don't matter to me any longer and they are no longer controlling who I am. Its hard to find self worth and love your self when you feel you don't matter to those around you!!! But I am working on that and I just want to be happy and healthy! I have a lot of work to do but I will get there maybe not tomorrow but I will be there soon!!!!

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